The Terriers are proud to announce that six players from our U18 team have been selected to play in the GTHL AA All-Star Game. The parents, coaching staff and players have faced their share of adversity this year. After learning that one of their friends and teammates had been diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia, they showed a tremendous amount of character, picked themselves up and went on to win their Silver Stick Regional Qualifier earlier this year. Since then, they have battled hard in league play and remain one of the top three teams in the division. Their efforts have been rewarded and we are proud to announce that goaltender Aaron Becker, forwards Cameron Tran, Sammy Chung, William Lessard, defensemen Elias Nweisser and Ben Symons have all been chosen to play in the All-Star Game. We would also like to congratulate coach Mark Hrinco for being chosen as one of the All-Star Team Coaches. We are incredibly proud of this team’s efforts, both on and off the ice this year, and it’s fitting that so many have been awarded the honour of being chosen to represent our organization in this game. Please visit this link for more details