The U15 Mississauga Terriers hockey team has been working hard this holiday season to reach new heights of generosity during these difficult times. Some might think we are talking about on-ice achievements but no, this dedicated group of coaches and players set the ambitious goal of raising $10,000 to grant one wish to the Stu Jeffries Make-A-Wish campaign on Boom 97.3 this year – and THEY DID IT!

The Mississauga Terriers Hockey Club is so proud of what they have accomplished, and although we know many of our teams have done some special things to help the less fortunate this year, we must highlight the incredible work of our U15 team.

Last year, head coach John Henriques spearheaded the team’s efforts to raise $10,000 for the 2019 Make-A-Wish campaign. Mission accomplished! It was undoubtedly an ambitious task to achieve in 2019, but that didn’t stop them from trying to do it again this year, during a worldwide pandemic.

Coach John took to the airways with Stu Jeffries on Tuesday, December 15th and was proud to announce that his team had raised over $7,000 and he made it clear they would continue driving toward the ultimate goal of $10,000. By December 23rd, the last day of the Stu Jeffries campaign, we are proud to say through social media blitzes, bottle drives and a host of other creative actions the U15 Mississauga Terriers team had raised $10,358.

Coach John reacted to achieving the goal by saying, “It was amazing to see the generosity that was displayed when things began to heat up as we got closer to achieving our goal. There is something good in all of us, and it’s nice to see amongst all the negatives that 2020 has brought there still is a lot of good in people. Making a difference is what this was all about and the lesson I wanted to convey to the team was that if you put your mind and heart and soul behind
something you want to achieve, not even a pandemic can stop you.”

Congratulations to everyone involved. We are a proud organization, and year after year our players, families and coaches participate in selfless acts such as this solidifying our belief that we are the best organization in the GTHL.

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.